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The Residential Mold Removal Process

Mold Removal in Homes

To remove mold, Bluestone utilizes methods that have been proven successful over the past several decades. In general, Bluestone’s mold remediation projects involve the following steps:

  • Prior to doing any mold removal work, Bluestone workers isolate the work area from the occupied areas.
  • A H.E.P.A.-filtered negative air machine is used to establish a negative air environment, and prevent airborne mold spores from escaping the work area.
  • Workers then put on protective suits and respirators and enter work area.
  • When remediating mold-contaminated drywall and other porous, non-structural elements, we carefully remove the building materials, wrap them in plastic sheeting or place them into bags, and immediately remove those materials from the home.
  • When remediating contaminated structural members or other building components that cannot be removed (e.g. floor joists, wooden framing studs, etc.), Bluestone workers first disinfect those surfaces with a biocide solution and then abrasively clean the surfaces by scraping, sanding or wire brushing.
  • The remaining surfaces are then encapsulated with an EPA-registered antimicrobial coating that is designed to kill residual mold and inhibit possible future mold growth.
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