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How to Clean Moldy Attics

Mold Abatement in Attics

A variety of attic building materials (i.e. wooden joists, sheathing, insulation, etc.) become susceptible to mold growth when exposed to excess moisture.  While the source of moisture varies, this often occurs when the attic is improperly ventilated or when exhaust fans direct moisture into attic space, instead of outside the home.

Bluestone Environmental Approach to Mold Remediation in Attics

Bluestone remediates attic mold using time-tested, effective, EPA-approved methods. Listed below are the main procedures that Bluestone uses while remediating mold in attics:

  • Prior to conducting any mold removal activities, Bluestone creates a contained work area to isolate the attic from all other areas of the home
  • A high efficiency particulate air (H.E.P.A.)-filtered negative air machine is placed in the attic to create a negative air environment
  • Workers then put on protective suits and respirators and enter the attic
  • Workers remove all mold-contaminated, porous materials (e.g. insulation, drywall, etc.). All removed materials are carefully bagged and removed from the home
  • Bluestone then applies a biocide solution to the remaining structural members (e.g. wooden studs, joists and sheathing)
  • Workers abrasively scrub all remaining structural members. Finally, to discourage future mold growth, an anti-fungal encapsulant is applied to all remaining structural members
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